3-153 [Visual hallucination]: Spy doped me more due to taking back their lead

When I started to control the conversation, they became confused as their past crimes had been uncovered, but they were definitely strong enough to fight back that they increased a drug dose to win over the command.


As a result, my recognition became obscure not just by the electromagnetic wave, and then, I could not have discerned my delusion from their real crimes revealed through the mutual interrogation.


Concurrently, they started to write down words with a finger, as they could not outperform me when talking. Precisely saying, they wrote those until a middle of the phrases and I added the latter part. In this way, they could have found out a matter related to me which they did not know yet and they also could slow a response of the conversation which they had not caught up with me.


I was caught more by the delusion in this way, which also created a visual hallucination as I was drugged by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. The hallucinogenic drug connected my visual cortex to the other part of my brain, which created a delusive visual and it was felt more real with an electromagnetic wave manipulation.


I have not confirmed the authenticity yet, but I might have seen an image which the operative had in their brain. The obscure image can be sent by the electromagnetic wave directly to another brain, but the vision was clearer when I was drugged.


However, I could not eliminate a possibility that it was a result of the visual hallucination purely created by the drug, indicating that I had a clearer image in my mind under its influence along with the conversation. Then, they would have just agreed my delusion to create another delusion that I could see a clear image of the operative.


In any way, they managed to keep their advantage as far as doping me more delusive. Although, the operation was still hard as there was no crime originally and I had nothing to lose any more so that they should instigate me to commit a crime or should compel me to make a false confession.


At the same time, they should have gotten away from my interrogation as their brain was also directly accessed from the outside to be interrogated. The drug was an appropriate choice for the purpose to avoid a confrontation from my question. However, the more they added their operational skillsets, the more crimes revealed that they organizationally had conducted for a long time.


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