3-124 [Fight with a crow]: Crow tried to attack me, later on realizing it was a result of the radiowave

Yufu island is a small island quite next to the Iriomote island which is one of the largest in Okinawa. Malaria used to be spread in the Iriomte so that the people had farmed in the daytime, out of the island at the night, as the infected mosquito bit the people mainly during the night.


The people can reach to the Iriomote from the Yufu just by the water buffalo ride, hence they used to live this small island as there was no pond that the mosquito could not reproduce. At the same time, the island was far enough that it was not able to travel from the Iriomote.


After WWII, malaria was eradicated but the people still lived in this small island, and then, there was a big typhoon coming to tide out the whole place. That was why the people left that island which became a tourist place later on.


I crossed the sea to visit the island and took some rest at the smoking stand when a crow came there as well to insist it was his territory. It was the only option for me to tap the ash out there, therefore I stayed at that stand ignoring the crow.


However, he became more aggressive as I was not retreated and started to attack the people around. All of them but me were so afraid of his aggression that they creeped out of the area.


I had already set up my mind to struggle with this crow, hence he basically failed to intimidate me physically, just to watch my move, inching in and out for a long time. I had spent around ten minutes to fight with him, glaring at each other, and then he flew away from the scene once occupying a smoking stand.


At that time, I thought the crow could be trained to assault the human being. I had already seen a killer hornet trained by the Chinese spy, hence it could not have been so difficult to train a crow, as it is apparently wiser.


However, looking back from now, this crow was highly likely controlled by the electromagnetic wave. I saw it was controlled by the wave later on, and moreover, I realized the bird was controlled electromagnetically even in 1993, twenty years before this fight.


All I realized at that time was there was a unique way to avail a bird for their operation, though still wondered how it was used for an operation in general.


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