3-123 [Hateruma island]: Spy operation was too preemptive impossibly

Hateruma island is another one of the Yaeyama islands, also the south end of Japanese residential areas. The police intelligence and CIA ran an operation at this small edge, though the people there were apparently reluctant to help.


I decided not to book a place beforehand until then, as the operation was prepared accordingly to suffer many people including me. My PC was fully hacked so that any information was immediately known to the operatives, which triggered a prerequisite cooperation of the local residents.


Even if the operation was conducted just in one day, some of the local people had suffered too much when the operation became too ugly. I saw many outcomes like this, therefore avoiding a booking to lower its damage.


When I went to the Hateruma, I had not decided whether to stay a night or not, even leaving my baggage in the Ishigaki island. If I had decided it with an instinct, it would have become hard for the spy to ask a cooperation for the local people. After all, I had decided to stay over, but surprisingly, the operation was arranged in advance.


At that time, an owner of the inn hinted me that they would not like to cooperate, but there was a spy at their place sent by the authority. I figured out who the spy was, but I was so wondered why they could infiltrate into the place before I decided to stay a night there.


There were several inns in this island and they could place spies all of them, but it apparently cost so that I realized they had another way to manipulate me to stay that place. This analysis was confirmed by another fact that there were just a few ferries from the Ishigaki to Hateruma every day, hence it was basically impossible to go there by the different one from mine to prepare an operation on the same day, as I saw all of them on board physically.


It also indicated that my behavior was somehow controlled or expected in advance. I used to think their preparation had been a result that I planned all my day beforehand, but even if not, they fully orchestrated an operation in advance, even at the remote island where it was quite hard to set up a mission.


Although, I had no idea how the police intelligence and CIA had expected my behavior correctly, as I did not realize an existence of the electromagnetic wave manipulation, yet.


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