3-122 [Hatoma island]: Stayed there unexpectedly as their operational trap

When I went to Hatoma island, which is one of the Yaeyama islands, I could not get a ferry back to the Ishigaki, unexpectedly.


The ferry is easily stopped when the wave goes over a certain level everywhere in Japan. The majority of the Yaeyama island is located inside the largest atoll in the northern hemisphere and it is rare that the ferry stops unless the typhoon comes close to the area. However, Hatoma is several hundred meters outside of the atoll hence it is more affected by the wave.


Although, that day was not normal that I saw the ferry a hundred meter away when waiting for it at the peer, but suddenly it changed a direction away from the island. It was highly likely intentional, but in any way, I had to stay in that island as it was the last ferry.


There were several incidents happened on that day and my suicidal emotion was escalated irregularly, although there was no big event to trigger that feeling. It was just a result of the perception that I was so monitored and controlled everywhere I went, which created a despair on that night. I could not stop my feeling that I had decided to walk around the island to calm myself down.


I did not realize what was happening, but it was definitely an influence of the electromagnetic wave which escalated a suicidal emotion. I had experienced the same type of the feeling until then, the winter of 2011, the summer of 2012, the late autumn of 2012 and this January of 2013, all of which were definitely created by the wave.


I have been cooled down my head all day long so that my emotion was not exploded irregularly anymore, but I could not control myself in those days just to be filled with dangerous emotions. Contrarily saying, my emotion was extremised under control of the electromagnetic wave operation.


This was conducted by the Japanese police intelligence, highly likely supported by the CIA as a joint operation, which was so illegal at least in Japan.


Just in case, the local resident helped a police operation, but I am pretty much sure that they did not understand an existence of the electromagnetic wave which was a core problem at this time moment.


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