3-121 [Deep police corruption]: Police chief dismissal did not prevent an operation

The police organization was reshuffled but their operation was continued, which basically implied the corruption was not an issue for several ranking officers, but the majority of them were related to something wrong. That was why they had to continue to torture and intimidate me even after some of the rankings were fired.


Having said that, the gaslighting itself was not conducted by them directly, but done by tourists from the outside, those were basically private investigators hired by the police, just outsourced to conduct their part in the Yaeyama islands.


Their gaslighting had already become an intimidation, not just a harassment anymore that I was blackmailed anywhere in the island. I spent many hours around the Ishigaki peer as it was the center for the ferry ride to the other islands, and I was intimidated by them every time when waiting for the next ferry.


It was basically a verbal threat, though some young PIs physically intimidated me quite often. The police was definitely at presence to know what was going on but fully ignored, which was a reality of the gaslighting there. As a result, I was so irritated but tried not to hit them physically, which was why the trouble itself was minimized.


These were incidents happening to me but their target was not just me hence there were more individuals targeted in the same way, directly by the police or outsourced to the PIs.


This fact indicated that the police department was so corrupted to demolish Japanese public security, even though their intelligence division was solely established to secure it. What they have been doing is to destroy an individual who does not follow the illegal police conduct, which is basically the same as a controlling government helmed by the absolute authority.


The local people were reluctant to support an illegal mission, but there were several of the irregular cooperation.


When I drove a car, there was an old woman suddenly showing up in front of me. It was in the mountain area where there was no house, implying it was not a result of the stroll, but someone intentionally sent her to that place. It was an end of the high slope side-walled by the tree lines that I could not see well the front.


There were several issues related to this incident, one of which was that this operation was basically preemptive as she was prepared beforehand. This place was away from the residential area so that the operation was impossibly improvised in this way to be hit by the car.


At the same time, I was also set up to run on this road. I did not know the detail why I chose to drive there, but I decided to choose a side way just to see what was ahead. It was just a jungle and there was nothing out there, implying that I was highly likely manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to run this road.


In those days, I was so concerned to be involved in any accidents, hence driving my car extremely safely. That was why I could stop my car as soon as I saw her, but if driving normally, I definitely hit her. I had experienced the same set up in different places, meaning this is a normal protocol of the eliminative operation of the Japanese police intelligence.


I might have chosen to become one of their assets or to be jailed as a result. The police did not care an outcome even if this old woman was killed eventually, as they can achieve their original purpose of rendering me harmless. This was a result of the police operation to protect the public security.


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