3-120 [Japanese police chief was fired]: He was dismissed, following the CIA director

The illegal operation did not stop even after reaching to the Ishigaki island, which was assumed to be the deadline. The real issue was that I was entrapped by them to believe the operation should have been completed.


I believed its end date as the police officer and spy came to me saying that it would halt at the certain date. I actually got an e-mail with the subject reinforcing its assumption. This also meant that they could say my belief was just a result of my delusion as there was no concrete proof that they said it would halt on the specific date.


I moved to the quieter area after the fuss on the first day when I arrived at this island, but they made a noise again on a different day. I became so angry, which was a mental state that the police had waited for a long time to make me accept a false charge.


Furthermore, they would even be happy if I had committed a crime as a result of the psychiatric break. If its damage was horrifying enough, I would have been eliminated socially so that they could not consider a degree of the damage, just considering how to make me crazy.


I fully understood their motivation and tried hard to contain myself, then alternatively to write a memo to denounce the police, which was put on the door of my room, saying that the police lie was a start of the collapse of the whole public security.


Someone became furious of my paper and said that the police could tell a lie in front of my room, which was necessary to reach the final goal. I started to denounce their idea against the possible bug in my room.


It might not be easy to prosecute criminals along with the law, but the public security cannot be protected if the police breaches the code to conduct an illegal operation. Or, originally, the police is just given a right of the investigation along with the law, which is provided by the people.


The police is not a ruler to do whatever they want and should follow the protocol given to them, however restrictive it is. It is absolutely a breach to mobilize many people by a false crime information or to blackmail a target to accept a false crime. It is not conceivable to torture the target or to drive this individual mentally to commit a felony.


The police should stay within the law, however hard it is, which is a basis of the rule of law. The government originally monopolizes the violence under its rule, hence their breach takes over the sovereignty from the people, especially when they self-determine their organizational goal. They oppress the people along with their internal agenda, even employing a torture and assassination, which is no different from the tyranny.


I told them in this way and it might be a coincidence but the police chief resigned on the next day.


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