3-125 [Weird suicide]: An old man jumped from the quay with car, instantly recognized as the spy job

There was an incident near the hotel I stayed. It has been frequented around me for a long time, some of which were pure accidents, but some others were created by the electromagnetic wave.


This traffic accident was highly likely created by the wave, which happened on 12 February 2013 in the Ishigaki island. When I went back the room, I heard a huge sound of the siren of many firetrucks and police cars.


I always closed my curtain in those days to avoid a monitor from the outside, which also indicated that I could not see what happened outside as well. Adding to this, I was so accustomed to the siren as the police intentionally made a noise to irritate me, therefore I tried not to care anything but the alarm inside the hotel.


However, the noise was quite loud on that day, kept going for a long time, hence I glanced it through the window to recognize that there were many vehicles with emergency lights at the quay. It was quite rare to mobilize many cars at the same time for the operation against me, though I thought it was just one of the new way to irritate me.


The next morning, the local newspaper reported that there was an old man diving into the sea with his car, which happened tens of yards away from my hotel. That was why I heard a huge siren at the previous night.


I intuitively thought it was a result of the spy operation. I had been accustomed to their extreme operations, as there were many people died, committing a suicide or hospitalized around, though I felt sad all the time those occurred. Having said that, I had no idea how they drove their target to the edge, even though I realized there were several people oppressed to choose a death.


Now, I knew there were many people driven to a death by the electromagnetic wave operation. At first, I assumed the majority of deaths were created to suffer me mentally, but came to think that there was more meaning than that.


The rogue officers or perpetrators actually blackmailed the officials who would like to halt this electromagnetic operation. There are many people realizing this radiowave functionality which should be restricted to contain a further damage. Those people have been also shocked by the death like this which has been effective not to make those crimes public.


At the same time, this kind of the death could have been leveraged by the intelligence officers who could deny their involvement even though they have been actually ones of the masterminds. Their denial created an opportunity for them to stand at the side of the good cop, to sabotage the country from the inside.


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