3-21 [Spy’s discipline]: Spy is basically cautious not to be revealed, even halting an operation if necessary

The operation does not necessarily work as originally planned even for spending a long time. For example, their operation at one of the diving sites was completely beyond my understanding and absolutely ineffective.


They might have prepared a trap on the diving gear, but I found out this methodology beforehand so that they had no choice to give up. In any way, they just told me a shark was coming under the water to panic me. I actually looked around where it was while they instructed to run out, but could not find any signs.


It might have been planned to pave a way for the next plot after I was panicked. In this way, the mission was not necessarily successful. They might be able to add another plan B at the spot or might cancel any additional when it is likely to create another issue, hence they are not hesitant to halt at any time moment if necessary.


Having said that, their operation was remarkable at that time as they planned that I would visit that place, half a year before. It was the time when the police illegal operation had created a sizable issue and lost their way out. At the same time, the attorney general and their special unit chief were replaced, therefore the Japanese police intelligence and CIA were required to change their strategy.


Their operation in Indonesia started to be prepared in June-July 2012, half a year before I actually went there. This remarkable result was, more or less, achieved by the electromagnetic manipulation. It is not easy to manipulate a direction of the subject covertly, but they can make it when brainwashing every day for weeks.


This technology has been used quite often; for example, I went back home in May 2012, though the local police chief was replaced in that March to an officer careered through the police intelligence. It might have been a plan B to send me back home, though they could have prepared for this level well beforehand or manipulated afterward.


Those decisions were not a matter of legality, hence easier to be manipulated, though it is definitely required more time to induce a subject to commit a crime. They needed to brainwash more with a radiowave and maybe with the physical operation. This setup should take more time, which is also not necessarily successful. The hurdle is apparently higher than to manipulate a subject to conduct a matter without legal issue.


They basically have not manipulated a subject just by the electromagnetic wave, but they have also employed a physical manipulative operation, therefore I saw many spies in the end.


Most of them prepared well for their mission, especially when they worked as a deep undercover. Its depth does not promise a completion, though they have recurred a different type of operation as far as it is not revealed.


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