3-141 [A truth drug]: Spy drugged me with a truth drug to interrogate through the electromagnetic wave

Several days after I heard the invisible voice, the spy administered a truth drug to me secretly. Those operations happened in this turn and in this timeline, but the detail was not so precise as I was drugged too much in those days.


I did not actually realize what just happened when I was doped a truth drug, but my brain lost an equilibrium and started to hear voices under intoxication.


The electromagnetic wave could deliver a voice directly to the brain from the outside, though the unsteadiness was a result of the drug. If you become a subject of the electromagnetic operation under a deprivation of the sleep, you might be totally controlled by the paranoia created remotely, though the unsteadiness of your brain, eyesight and body are just triggered by the drug.


The truth drug was one of them to cause this type of the symptom. I could not identify the real chemical substance used at that time, but it made me unsteady and talkative, which I could not have stopped at all.


The operation was quite weird, which was conducted by several operatives whom I could not identify who they were, and also conducted through the electromagnetic wave. I assumed they were members of the Japanese law enforcements and the CIA who started to interrogate me through the wave with a truth drug.


They asked me about many subjects which they investigated in the previous one and a half years, but they could not have found anything illegal. They especially interrogated me in the detail about my financial transactions which they still believed I made a return in an illegal way, or there were many transactions that they still believed I made something wrong as it was quite common amongst the investment professional.


I was pretty much sure that I did not make anything wrong, as I intentionally avoided an illegal trade and tried not to answer their interrogation as it was so stupid, but I could not contain myself to talk and answer all of them.


Having said that, I could lower a volume of my voice to the minimum even though my mouth could not be stopped. Then, I wore a flu mask as the last resist so that I did answer all of the interrogations but there was no way to listen to what I said physically through the ears.


At that time, I still did not recognize a functionality of the electromagnetic wave. I just thought that I heard a voice with an advanced technology and my answer was heard through the bug set up in the room. However, our conversation was established even when I managed not to be heard physically, indicating there was a way to read my brain directly.


Although, the outcome was not what they expected, which just proved I was innocent of any financial transactions, including not related to the insider trading but I explained all the transactions which they raised; how those were placed logically.


There was no way to avoid an interrogation under the truth drug after all, but on the other hand, they should accept the fact that there was no prosecutable conduct I made in the past. This conclusion was too damaging for them as they had no bargaining power to hide any illegal conducts they had done to me.


They had continued this interrogation for hours, continuously asking a question which I could not decline as I was influenced by the truth drug through the time.


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