3-142 [Noticed to be drugged]: It was the first time for the spy to dose a hallucinogen against me

I had been interrogated by the spy and law enforcements for hours under a control of the truth drug. I had no idea what had just happened, but in the end, I came to realize that I was drugged by them.


I was accustomed to being drugged by the spy, but it was different from the previous dope so that it took some time to realize. They often used a downer against me, but they put a hallucinogen at that time, implying as well that I was hallucinated to take some time to notice I was drugged.


It was after the interrogation ended when I realized I was drugged. I was totally abstracted but came to recognize this was ugly, and then went down to a souvenir shop of the hotel to buy several litters of pocari sweat with staggering.


When back to the room, I was mad to drink it as much as possible to dilute the chemical substance in my body system and to urge to get it out more quickly.


Pocari sweat was better than the water for that purpose and I came to be settled down sooner or later, though I could not sleep at all. I thought it was a result of new dope rather than the leftover, but actually, I had no idea what was happening to lose an equilibrium of my brain.


I woke up all night long, but I was still affected by the drug even in the next morning. I did not feel any drowsiness and any hunger but just sitting in the room not to do anything at all.


Just in case, it was not a result of the electromagnetic wave which is also capable of waking you up all night long, but you feel sleepy naturally. You are just woken up by other skillsets, such as the spy talks to you all the time through the wave. Additionally, you feel a hunger as well that I have never experienced a full stomach just by the electromagnetic wave.


Those phenomena were apparently caused by the hallucinogen, which I had experienced many times since then. The electromagnetic wave operation is still not capable of representing the same phenomena triggered by that chemical substance.


In my understanding, the brain is affected by the hallucinogen to experience a hallucination, which is taken from outside of the body, meaning that it is not a result of the internal change of our brain system. It is still hard to cause the same effect just by the chemical substance originally existing in our body system.


In any way, I had been still affected by the drug not to do anything at all, even if my brain was back to the normal realizing that I was drugged. On that day, the hotel was worried of my bringing something to eat to the room but I was still not hungry to eat anything. All I could do was to sit down in the room with swaying.


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