3-143 [My body moved out of control]: I immediately realized it was a spy operation as I heard it before, though no idea how

That night, I lost a control over my body and suddenly ran around in the room. I tried to contain myself but it was totally out of my maneuver, though at least I realized that this was not an influence of the drug which was nearly cleaned out from the body.


Actually, I heard this story before that the body was controlled remotely, especially by one of the spies out there. At that time when he talked to me, I had thought it was improbable but it really happened to me at that exact night. That was why I immediately came to a conclusion that this phenomenon was one of the spy operation, even though I could not crack how it was executed.


In any way, I was running in the room, back and forth, which was nothing but an intimidation. They deprived my freedom even from the body movement to show how capable they were, which was designed to let me accept their authority by force. I also thought I would fall in their plot if this had been continued for long, but I could not find a way to counter.


I hit upon an idea to conduct a zen meditation. When I concentrated all the nerve on the single point, they failed to maneuver my body from the outside. I felt my body tried to move out of my control, though it was contained by the contemplation.


Sooner or later, they raised their force to move my body more. I was also able to contain it if concentrating more, but it required a quite amount of the concentration. They tried to break my contemplation by way of talking to me directly to the brain from the outside, therefore I gave up my resistance and let it go as it went beyond the point where I could handle.


I just thought to let my body run if they would like to maneuver in that way. It would not continue for the rest of my life and I definitely fell down if my energy was totally worn out.


The zen meditation gave me a realization that I was not totally controlled, which also gave me a room mentally to bear their intimidation.


This body control was felt like pulled by the magnet to let me run toward its origin of the power, which was also an effect of the zen that I could also have a room to consider what was happening.


Later on, I was more aware on this maneuver to run one direction even if I tried to go run in the other way, which was totally like a magnet. This operation was just conducted in the room so that I had run in the room back and forth for a long time.


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