3-144 [Electromagnetic wave]: I finally realized that my brainwave was synchronized to the operatives

I felt like pulled by the magnet but totally realized it was not its result, as I also sensed an irregularity on my body.


I am left-handed but the hand has not worked as usual when controlled by the right-handed spy. My left hand obviously lost a control and many moves were conducted by the right hand, whose irregularity made me realize that this maneuver was not a result of the magnet, but I was copying a movement of someone other.


The spy was intrigued by my point of this left and right, hence they prepared operatives with left-handed and right-handed later on. I could not have confirmed I tell them correctly, but at least I had a confidence that I was synchronizing to a movement of the operative as a result.


They might have had a second thought on this trial, but this was a critical moment for me to realize that this phenomenon was a consequence of the synchronization.


Then, I also noticed that my brainwave was synchronized to that of the operative, though there was another reason I got to this conclusion.


In the past, one of my friends told me that the brain functions electrically, who was not one of the operatives at that time, but quite related to the operation against me. At that time, I replied back to him that the brain functions with a chemical change and did not accept his point, but I totally figured out what he meant, eventually.


I still had no idea whether he was an asset or not; he might be one of the spies, might be a collaborator or there is a possibility he used to research a functionality of this technology.


In any way, I finally understood why I heard a voice directly to the brain from the outside after realizing the brainwave was cracked. I had had no doubt for days that there was a methodology to deliver a voice directly to the brain, partially due that I was drugged, but in the end, I understand a basic of this phenomenon.


I had been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave for a long time, which was why I had a weird feeling just during the morning doze and which was why I lost my temper more easily than before. That was why my brain was read from the outside, I heard an invisible voice and I ran suddenly without my maneuver. These were not independent problems but brought by the single technology, the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


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