3-145 [Delusive struggle]: I was manipulated to make a fight outside the room but they failed

I realized I was controlled by the electromagnetic wave, but its realization did not solve the problem, as I still had no idea how to get away from their remote maneuver.


In those days, I had often been drugged by the spy as well as manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, which meant that it was not just that my body and brain was out of control, but my brain lost a normalcy quite often as well. The CIA and Japanese police intelligence would like to suck me down at all costs.


The delusive fighting was one of the worst amongst them, which took place directly after I noticed a functionality of the electromagnetic wave operation. I had a delusion that the police would come to assault me in the room and let me simulate how to fight with them for a long time.


It was a result of the electromagnetic manipulation that they asked me how to avoid the confrontation at first, and then, I thought of the detail. This kind of delusive discussion had been continued in my brain accompanied with a real positioning in my room.


My brain totally lost a normalcy due to a drug so that I had no capability to reconsider the words delivered directly to the brain. I just believed their words that the police would come soon and they had already seized my room holding guns or something like those.


I continuously thought how to fight with the police for many hours from the early morning to the early evening.


Looking back this incidence from now, it was actually a quite critical manipulation. I did not fall at their trap, but they should have definitely pushed me to the real fight. That was why they drugged me to lose a mental equilibrium to believe their stupid manipulation, eventually to lead an irregular behavior to the real world.


At that time, I thought I should control myself up to the self-defense and its excessive was necessarily avoided, suggesting that I could have fought with them if they had forced into the room, but I had no intention to fight outside the room.


They actually tried to manipulate me to fight outside, which was why I continuously contemplated an issue related to the self-defense. In the legal term, the self-defense was legal, but its excessive was often categorized as illegal.


I studied a law in the university, hence I pretty much sure of this legal distinction, whose definition was impossible to be cracked by a manipulation of the emotion and thought, as I could not change its definition by myself.


It is hard to define what an excessive self-defense is, but it was apparent that I would have been charged with a battery if I had fought outside the room, even if I had claimed I was meant to stop an assault of the police.


I had a legal code in my behavior due to the study, which was quite difficult to be cracked as it was kind of a fact, not a matter of the perception. That was why they spent many hours to let me conduct an illegal behavior at the public place, which was essentially meant to render me harmless.


If I had done something wrong at that time, I would have behaved in the same manner as the incident in Shibuya on 17 February 2015.


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