3-146 [Legal code]: Operatives could not crack my legal mind as it was not a matter of emotion

When you are controlled by the real delusion, your behavior might be escalated to the extreme, but if you are controlled by the delusion created by the electromagnetic wave, its outcome quite depends on the individuality, as your reason still works under its influence.


In my case, my behavioral decision was often determined by the risk and return, which was also constrained by the legal code. That was why I did not conduct an illegal action even if manipulated by the wave.


This legal restriction is quite critical, which constrains your action according to the law, even not in line with your sense of goodness. What is good and what is right, which are totally different concepts, and moreover, what is legally correct is also another issue.


If you have these multiple layers of consideration for your action, your behavior is less affected by the delusion created by the electromagnetic wave, as you conduct its action not just by what you should do.


At that time, I had a delusion that the police was coming to assault me in the room, which was quite less likely established just by the wave, as its perception was quite out of normal. It depends on the personality, though I did not assume the police came to attack me at that time as the spy had attempted an assassination and tortured me for a long time.


I always thought there was a probability that I would be killed by them covertly, but they avoided an apparent conduct as my death might create more repercussion later on.


Moreover, I often opened a front door of my Hong Kong home or even at the hotel, showing the spy was welcome to kill me if they want, especially when the torture or gaslighting became too harsh.


I was so devastated by the daily torture and intimidation, but I would not like to commit a suicide and I thought it might be worthwhile if killed by the spy as it should create a curse to the intelligence community whose responsibility should be so clear. However, at the same time, I often said to them that you could assault me but needed to suck me down immediately, and if not, I would fight back with them.


This tale implied that I was drugged by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, which created a delusion that the police came to assault me in the room. If you are manipulated by the wave under prescription of the hallucinogen, your paranoia is expanded eventually to conduct a criminal act. That was their original intention at that time, but they could not crack my legal code and failed after half a day of their attempt.


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