3-147 [Threat by the government]: They compelled me to accept their absolute authority

I fought in a delusion that the police came to assault me and I was so devastated even after realizing it was a fake created by the drug and electromagnetic wave.


I might have slept then, but I had no idea what happened in turn, as I lost my equilibrium so much due to the hallucinogenic drug, which basically deprived my sleep and I had woke up for a few days.


That drug was still effective even after I realized it was dosed, though I came to tell at least what was a lie and what was a truth later that day. Then, I was threatened by the government that I would be arrested if not admitting to committing a crime.


It was quite nonsense that they had already realized there was nothing prosecutable as they used a truth drug against me. Therefore, they threatened me to make a confession of any crimes which I had never committed and I was so scared due to their crazy operation.


The remote voice was heard again in my brain, though it took place under an influence of the truth drug at this time. Adding to this, I totally lost a control over my body and had not thought I could survive their torture.


I lost my sleep, walked around in the night and became paranoia to believe what cannot be believed. The Japanese police and spy blackmailed me under this situation to accept their absolute authority, which was more compelled by the emotional control to enhance my anxiety.


That blackmail was heard in the brain, though I also heard physically from the ears whether I should accept it or not, which was said by the spies whom I knew well from the adjacent room.


It was nothing but fear and it was more than threatening, as I could not move my body at all, listening to the blackmail remotely delivered to my brain. The police even knew there was no crime as they dosed a truth drug, but their leftover choice at that time was a blackmail to put me behind the bar.


It was a kind of the coerced false confession, but it was not simple as such that it was a pure violence employed by the government.


I was so devastated but made up my mind to fight against this fear and to bear their torture at any costs, as I did not do anything wrong, but it was the Japanese police intelligence and CIA that had conducted numerous illegal acts.


Even if I had died as a result, I would not accept their unforgivable conducts to the ordinary people including me. Even more, I would not run an illegal operation with them to torture or assassinate the subjects whom they assumed as an enemy.


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