3-148 [Electromagnetic wave and drug]: They continued the crazy operation to blackmail me

I had been drugged for many days since then. At first, it was highly likely mixed into the tobacco, and then, I stopped smoking so that they put it into my food. I was drugged in any way when the Japanese police and CIA would like to dope me.


As a result, my thought was skewed day after day. The electromagnetic wave was also capable of distorting my brain, but it needed more time to frame me under the complete delusion. On the other hand, the hallucinogenic drug did not require a time to create a paranoia as long as it was effective.


I could not tell what was a lie and what was a truth in those days. I had realized an existence of the electromagnetic wave and I also noticed that I was drugged again by the spy, though they also tried to make me believe that there was no such technology and conduct. It was quite hard for me to keep a normalcy and I often could not do anything at all even when the paranoia was halted.


This operation was basically conducted by the CIA, as the operatives in charge were assets belonging to the CIA or Five Eyes, thought the Japanese police intelligence were also there to drug and to manipulate me.


Having said that, the CIA played a bad cop at that time and the Japanese police intelligence took over a good cop, which was contrary to the initial position, which started from that the good CIA should have saved me from the corrupted Japanese police intelligence.


Generally speaking, the good and bad was not replaceable, but they could have easily switched it by way of the electromagnetic manipulation. They actually turned their positions quite often, as it was inefficient that all of them played a bad cop to shake my mental.


In those days, I had no idea of this system so that I was so bothered to know who was my support and who was my real enemy, but eventually, I realized that this was just a joint operation that they often switched their position to fall me down efficiently; i.e. all of them have been fundamentally corrupted.


One day, I was attacked by the woman who was totally tranced probably due to the drug. She claimed that my room was hers to break into, which was essentially conducted as one of the gaslighting.


My environment was totally controlled by the police, indicating that she was also sent as one of the joint operation. Everything was so crazy and there was no proper application of the rule of law.


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