3-149 [Emotion control while driving]: Spy enhanced my aggression by the wave to cause a reckless drive

The hallucinogenic drug was quite threatening, but the operation was reduced a little after a few weeks of the intensive assault. I was still drugged, but my brain lost a normalcy less than before, which gave me more chances to live as usual.


I recovered my confidence to go out, though I nearly fell down within twenty minutes on the first day, as my headache became harsh to feel that I could not run anymore. I realized it was a result of the electromagnetic wave assault, though I had no idea how to deal with.


It was an ache with a paralysis to lose my conscious, which made me think that I would create an accident sooner or later, and then, I came back to the hotel sooner rather than later.


Although, we are basically accustomed to the same level of ache that I was able to drive a car with a headache in the end and extended a driving length day by day.


The CIA and Japanese police intelligence countered my behavior with more control over the emotion that I was so easily pissed off. I had already realized that my aggression was aggravated due to the radiowave manipulation, though I could not have contained my irregular emotion.


The aggressive excitement might have triggered reckless driving, which actually speeded up my car with an irritation, even though I managed to keep a traffic rule.


There might have been an influence of the drug as well. I had no idea when they doped me, but I am pretty much sure that they quite often drugged me. As a result, I behaved irregularly frequently, which could be more dangerous if happened while driving.


I had the same experiences in the past and had already realized that the Japanese police intelligence had conducted the same operations against me for several times to create a collision by enhancing an irritation and aggression. That was why I thought thoroughly to contain this emotional explosion to avoid any problems.


Furthermore, the local Hokkaido police set up several traps to cause a traffic accident against me, hence I could not get away with an accident if just purely depending on my agility.


My conclusion was that I should drive extremely slowly. If my aggression was escalated by the electromagnetic wave, I ran my car quite slowly as an expression of my aggression. My car was so slow that no one came near to me, which also left me away from the accident, and at the same time, my emotion was filled in a legitimate way.


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