3-54 [Discredit]: Several ways to discredit you by an electromagnetic wave

If the faked intel or phrasing does not work to eliminate you socially, they should take an action to discredit you from your behavior.


Your image can be easily discredited by the faked intel, fabrication of the past speech or phrasing, but you are more trusted socially than those manipulations. If that is the case, the spy needs to proceed a different type of the operations, whose choices are expanded when using an electromagnetic wave.


If the radiowave is not available, it is difficult to brainwash you believing a skewed ethical code, even though possible. Especially when you have well prepared for the spy operation after realizing multiple attempts, it is quite hard to manipulate you.


On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave can easily control your behavior, such as an escalation of your aggression. You are easily pissed off against a small irritation, which discredits you amongst your surroundings, which is one of the examples.


This operation is applicable to the thought manipulation that your preference can be easily revised, even if your morality and philosophy are hard to be cracked. If your altered preference is not generally acceptable to the society, your credit is disgraced even if it is legal. If this electromagnetic manipulation is conducted together with the information control over the society or community with inappropriate phrasing, you can be avoided socially.


This maneuver is escalated to a control over your speaking. If you are synchronized to the operative through the brainwave, your speech itself is controlled by the spy. If this control is applied to a long remark, you should realize something wrong, but it is hard to recognize when a few words are inserted into a whole conversation.


In this case, you utter quite unexpected words under the electromagnetic control. The more irregularly your speaking is distorted, the more credit you are going to lose, eventually eliminated from the society.


Although, this is an extreme case that the spy has so failed their operation for long or assumes it is desperate to eliminate you socially, sooner rather than later, as you might realize something wrong on your speaking even if you have no idea about the electromagnetic manipulation. Its discomfort might lead a revelation of this invisible methodology of the electromagnetic wave.


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