3-53 [Phrasing]: If you cannot be cracked, the spy can spread a negative image

When a subject does not accept a false charge, the spy spreads a faked information as the next step. The forged intel is used on many occasions which are designed to make you assumed as a criminal. Once recognized as a potential offender, lots of people just avoid contacting with you.


As a result, you are likely to be excluded from the society, i.e. eliminated socially. If the intelligence organization cannot hire you as an asset and if they would like to contain you in any way, the social elimination is the first choice. It is just achievable to spread a faked intel to the people around you or your social relation, which is actually easier than creating a false charge.


It is highly likely that the operation has been already revealed until then, as the spy cannot retreat back when getting into an illegal investigation or torture. The outcome is either to admit a wrongdoing to be prosecuted as an intelligence fault or to eliminate a subject whose claim cannot be heard in the society.


The spy actually holds an effective power, hence it is easy to contain a target unless this individual is too influential. Even if this subject holds a political power, they can control this target with the electromagnetic wave.


The spy might assume you should be eliminated relatively soon, even though they are not driven to the edge just to employ the extreme measure. For example, if the spy assumes that one of the politically important figures is harm to their country, they might conduct an eradicative operation immediately.


The simplest plot is a phrasing that the spy spreads a faked intel with a directional perception, such as a sexual pervert, which is quite effective as this wording can create an image to discredit you, irrelevant to the truth. The social elimination can be successful in this way.


The point here is a simple phrasing as it can picture a devastating image without a minute logical explanation.


This plot is actually used to discredit a truth of the electromagnetic wave operation. In Japan, the electromagnetic wave is used as a jargon to indicate you have suffered mentally, as the hallucination is one of the main symptoms of schizophrenia which is quite identical to the electromagnetic manipulation.


It means the electromagnetic wave is never seriously considered under this circumstance. Just in case, this word is actually created at the same time with the electromagnetic wave can really send a voice directly to the brain remotely.


At least, this phrasing is used as a cover of the authenticity of radiowave operation, which is quite effective that you have suffered mentally when you tell a real functionality of this wave.


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