3-132 [Perpetrator in turn]: The main role was circulated but it was always a joint operation led by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence

There was no sign that the spy operation would halt soon even after moving to Hokkaido, though there was one change that more private investigators were deployed for the operation against me. The mission actually conducted in turn, centered by the police, CIA and private investigators, but it was basically a joint operation of the Japanese police intelligence and CIA, which was not changed at all, but just the main role was rolled over periodically.


It looked like there were many PIs sent from other areas as they actually stayed at the same hotel of mine. I often spent a time in the lobby drinking a coffee to read a book, where I saw many PIs at the same time.


I started its custom as I lost my concentration in the room due to the huge noise so that I spent a time in the lobby when the snow was too strong for me to go out.


On the other hand, the operatives were necessitated to drive me down to the lobby to conduct a remote interrogation. Their main goal was to crack me, which was insufficient to drive me to the edge mentally. They needed to coerce me to accept their written confession, which was basically created by the past story modified to become illegal. That was why they needed to drive me down to the lobby for this intimidating mission.


I came to acquire a skillset to ignore their remote interrogation with a control of left and right ears. The right ear is connected to the right brain, which cannot understand a word. The human brain is connected so that the information taken from the right ear is sent to the left auditory cortex eventually, whose word becomes meaningful to the brain.


However, if you train yourself just to recognize the word just in the right auditory cortex, it is perceived as a sound without literal meaning. This is technically easy that you just direct your right ear to the subjected conversation, which is perceived as a sound as a result.


I came not to be bothered by the gaslighting especially for a remote interrogation in this way, though the operation itself had no sign to halt. It seemed that they were sent from far away, requiring a financial foundation to continue it, though I had totally lost a sense where they came from as all of them had spoken a standard Japanese without an accent including local residents. It implied I thought there were more PIs mobilized than actual.


In any way, if they were resourceful as it appeared, it was hard to assume the mission was completed soon. I did not feel driven to the verge as I had a way to counter their operation, but I could not have found out the way out as well.


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