3-127 [Guam mass murder]: It triggered to consider a technology to deliver the voice directly to the brain

There was a mass murder happened in Guam in February 2013 when I was in the Ishigaki island. Almost all of the victims were Japanese, and actually, he targeted Japanese tourists to be killed.


In those days, I read a newspaper if available at the hotel, and if not, I did not care that much what was happening in the world. I was so tired of gaslighting taken place every day, bothered by the noise every night to deprive my sleep and wore out at the kinky dream every morning.


When I ate a supper at a counter of the diner, the TV just in front of me broadcasted news about this murder continuously. According to it, the perpetrator caused an event, following an order of the internal voice.


I initially thought the TV was created a fake report. I was still naïve in those days to believe the spy preferring to create a fake news rather than causing a real damage, meaning it was easier to create a fake rather than killing many people. This perception also meant that I had suffered from a paranoia seriously hard to tell what the truth was and what the lie was.


When back to the hotel, this new was written in the newspaper and it was a real mass murder. I went to Guam island around a start of this whole operation, hence this incident was felt like related to me.


Moreover, the murderer claimed that he heard a voice of the god to kill the Japanese tourists and I thought there was a possibility that he really heard something, as it was quite akin to a situation at the morning doze of mine.


Then, I tried to consider how to send a thought wirelessly, as my dream was more likely to be controlled from the outside. It was not necessarily a dream, but nearer to the delusion as I had woken up partially, which was why I managed to wake during the dream every time.


When hearing the news of this Guam murder, I came to think this was a result of the same methodology conducted against me.


If this was real, it was possible for the spy to create the murder case in Guam and to cause a suicide of the local resident quite near to my hotel, which should be the same as my spooky morning doze.


I did not realize this functionality yet, but it has existed actually, which likely caused those issues.


Just in case, the Ishigaki case took place at 8 PM on 12 February 2013, while the Guam case happened 9 PM at the Japanese time on the same day, as it occurred at 10 PM in the local Guam time.


I need to check a detail of the Guam case to confirm whether the murderer was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave or not, but if that was the case, the real mastermind was the same to let an old man jumping off from the quay in Ishigaki.


They also tried to brainwash me to skew my sexual preference, which was a conduct of the Japanese police intelligence and CIA. It meant that there was a large possibility that the Guan case was conducted by the CIA operatives.


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