3-128 [Moving to new place]: Spy had difficulty to run a covert operation in the remote islands

I left the Yaeyama islands around the end of February 2013. The travel started from the Amami islands reaching to the southeast end of Japan in two months. There were many incidents until then, but the CIA and Japanese police intelligence started to kill the people also in these islands at last.


I thought the damage should be expanded as far as I stayed there, hence decided to go to another place. I had another reason to leave the Yaeyama, but in any way, I left Okinawa in that February.


Having said that, there was a large possibility that this decision was not completely mine, as I was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave even though I did not realize its existence yet. It implies this departure might be a result of the spy operation, who would like to locate me at another place.


I have realized that I was so controlled by the wave around the end of my stay in Ishigaki island, as I was filled often with a suicidal emotion and had experienced spooky dreams to alter my sexual preference, which was found to be one of the intelligence operation later on.


However hard they conducted covert operations against me in these islands, there was a critical issue that I could tell an outsider at the spot, some of those were contractors deployed by the police and CIA. The local dialect was different from ones spoken around Tokyo, which was why the operative was nearly impossible to hide out.


The electromagnetic wave was more effective when conducting together with the physical operation, such as a gaslighting or intimidation, but it was hard to go through when spotted at once.


There was another difficulty for them to run an operation that the local people were reluctant to support the illegal intelligence operation and they could keep a distance from it as the local community was strong enough to negotiate with the police in these islands.


In the end, almost all of the Nansei remote islands were not appropriate places to run an intelligence mission, hence the spy definitely would like me to move to another place where they could conduct an operation more easily.


That was why I assumed I was manipulated by the spy to leave these islands in the end, even though I had my rationale to leave there. Then, I finally realized an existence of the electromagnetic wave operation in the next place, which was a methodology to have manipulated me wirelessly for a long time.


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