3-129 [Operation in Hokkaido]: Spy and police continued a mission after moving thousands of miles

I moved from Okinawa to Hokkaido, from the southwest to northeast end of Japan, also implying shifting from the semi-tropical to cold winter in February. It was a season of the drift ice that filled a shore of Abashiri, one of the main city of the east Hokkaido.


The scenery was dramatically changed from the coral islands to white ice that I felt like coming to the completely different world when landing on the drift ice from the shore. Although, there was a clean blue ocean under the ice, which was basically the same in Okinawa.


It was so cold out there that I was still able to see the diamond dust, which could be observable at a temperature of minus 20 centigrade, while I enjoyed a warm winter in Okinawa where the highest went beyond 20 centigrade every day at that time.


I took a bus from the airport to the city center, but the snow was accumulated at the sidewalk, hence it was hard to walk with a suitcase. I had known how it was notionally, but it was absolutely a middle of the winter more than imagined.


At first, I lost my confidence to drive a car on the completely icy road. I used to live in the area where it was somehow snowy below the freezing point every morning, but the road was rarely frozen all day long.


Moreover, I had several car accidents on the snow so that I had no good memory of driving a car under this environment. To make the situation worse, I was targeted by the police, CIA, other spies and private investigators who set up to cause a traffic accident even when I was in Okinawa, and I assumed it was more difficult to avoid an accident on the icy road.


Then, I had no idea what to do from then on. There was no plan initially, but if I did not drive, the option was more limited. Although, Abashiri was large enough to have several attractions and was easily accessible to the other area by a train so that it was probable to spend a time being busy until the winter got over.


At first, I decided to walk around the city to know how it was and to find out what I would do the next. The noise had already started from the day I arrived, implying I was not treated well on-going, but no idea how exactly I lived in this city.


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