3-130 [Police intimidation]: Police started to conduct a gaslighting even with the uniform

I was told not to encroach on the territory by the police. At that time, I did not realize who they were as I was not sure how the police dressed in a winter uniform, as it was the first winter in Japan in six years that I did not know how it looked like. There was no one wearing the police coat in Okinawa so that I had no exact clue who they were.


I was just blackmailed by the people sitting behind me during the lunch time. It was the late lunch so that there were no other people but us, younger of those had continuously assaulted me and others had been listening to it.


It was not wise to interact with perpetrators especially when I could not confirm they had definitely targeted me, though it was the case for sure so that I countered them directly. It was especially annoying to be told not to encroach their territory.


I did not make any problems anywhere in the past which was not my problem but their problem that I told them as a reply. I was Japanese and there was no problem what I would do in Japan as far as legal.


This reaction was likely unexpected that older one had lost himself and the other fought back against me that my speaking was rude. I was told in that way many time in the past, though it was a matter of my dialect, and then, I asked him what the real problem he was bothered, but he could not answer directly any one of the questions.


He was from another part of Hokkaido, suggesting I encroached Hokkaido, not Abashiri, but in any way, I did not get what he meant. At that time, he wore a uniform so that I asked him which organization he belonged to, for further understanding, but he did not answer this question as well.


It was quite a waste of the time that I decided to leave the restaurant though tried to figure out which uniform they wore later on, as I definitely could find the same one around me. In the end, I came to realize it was the police uniform and went to the local station for its confirmation.


The whole story meant that the police officer conducted a gaslighting with a formal uniform to intimidate me, saying the same word used by the mafia or yakuza. However, I confronted them unexpectedly that they could not tell their real identity, which implied they realized their deed was a total breach of the police conduct.


At first, they felt ashamed to conduct an opaque illegal conduct, but sooner or later, they lost their mind to run an illegal operation without hesitance, which was just a collapse of the Japanese police system.


I heard the same type of the words from the local people later on that they had a freedom not to accept an outsider when I ate a dinner, from the separated room where I could not see who they were. When I left the restaurant, I tried to see who they were that they were so frightened though making a bluff to blackmail me.


After all, it was a different community from the island. It was quite hard to say which was better, but the city was relatively big to mobilize those people easily. There were many local people working at the shop or hotel I usually interacted with, who were quite nice and not ill minded, though the big city was capable of accepting other types of people as well.


Furthermore, the people there had just spoken the Japanese language without a special accent so that I could not differentiate where they came from just by their way of speaking, which made me hard to tell who the enemies were.


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