3-104 [Setup for the sting operation]: Those watchers in Yonaguni proved that the Japanese police ran an illegal sting operation later on

I went to Yonaguni around the end of October in 2011. Just before visiting this island, my room was repaired as the fluid chemical suddenly dripped from the ceiling.


After the previous residents were moved out, the upper room was renovated and they explained they made a mistake to destroy their floor. That was the time when they set up cameras and bugs, and at the same time, the upper room became available for their operational base to torture me eventually.


This event was related to the spy surveillance in the Yonaguni island, which proved there was a severe intelligence operation against me, even in those days.


Their watch was basically planned to know whom I was contacting with, although it was an easy job, as I booked my flight and hotel in advance, not necessarily to send many spies like that.


Almost all of them did not know who they were beforehand, so that they asked me an identity of another spy, each other. That was eventually their task to know, but it became a trace of their mission as the people usually were not bothered to know the detail of others who they saw slightly.


Although, they were actually sent by the same group of intelligence officers who were well connected. This joint operation had been hidden dark for a long time, but it was revealed in this way, as all the matter was related.


It was not easy for the Chinese intelligence to set up cameras and bugs in my room apparently, as it might bring an international conflict, which could be avoidable when the Japanese police officially asked a cooperation to investigate me. It was highly likely that the joint operation was determined when the new police chief assumed his position in that October of 2011.


After all, they had worked for the same purpose to render me harmless to the intelligence community, though the field agents had no idea for the true mission. All the spies I met there should have reported that I contacted with many suspicious individuals, as they recognized each other as a spy who might be my handler.


This orchestration was well designed to make an excuse to the politicians later on, as they actually created an intel that I contacted with many spies from any perspective. Furthermore, this fake information was also provided to other investigative authorities for their cooperation.


There was another important fact of this operation in Yonaguni, which was a time of the execution. This was an issue from the end of October to early November in 2011, though I was set up by the sting operation in the following December.


The most of politicians did not realize a true nature of this event, which was believed to have conducted by the criminals. However, as you can see, I was severely monitored in advance, implying December operation was absolutely an illegal sting operation conducted by the police, attorney prosecutors and spies.


There were many witnesses in that island that I was a subject of the police intelligence around the end of that October in 2011, confirming that the police had conducted an organizational crime.


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