3-105 [Okinawa islands]: Back to the intelligence mission against me in early 2013

Back to the original story which I experienced in early 2013.


I got to the Okinawa main island in January by the ferry from Amami islands. There was no ferry from here to further south, necessary to fly over to the Sakishima islands, though there were many islands around the main island that could be reached by ferry, hence I had decided to go there at first.


Then, I went to the remote island pier which was a little away from the one used for the Amami lines on the very next day. However, the ferry was closed due to a strong wind that I was at a loss what to do the next.


The ferry is easily stopped when the wave goes beyond a certain level of the height, which is often for the season when the wind is strong. This time should have been one of the cases, but I could not perceive it straightforward like that, as I had been a subject of the operation and torture for a long time until then.


It was more difficult how to accept its outcome that I needed to perceive it calmly, as my emotion easily became irregular if not. I could not have confirmed what was a truth or what was a lie, whose non-determination might have shaken my brain eventually to break my psychiatric normalcy.


In any way, there was no way to go to the islands on that day, though I had determined to go there and to wait for the wave settled.


In those days, I had an obsession the mission and torture should end until the middle of that January, which was not clearly said by someone, but all the information indicated there was a deadline around that time.


I was still wondered why I got to believe it was going to halt soon, but it has been frequented since then. I am pretty much sure they created this obsession by the electromagnetic wave later on, which was quite effective to depress me once it was revealed incorrect. Eventually, I realized it was a spy intention to crack down a subject, but I did not understand a nature of the operation in those days.


That obsession was one of the reasons why I decided to go to the Okinawa islands, as it was an easy reach from the main island. I thought to spend the last day on the main island, which was another reason I was adamant to go to these islands.


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