3-99 [European spy]: MI6 or French intelligence sent their agent to monitor me

European spy was also sent to Yonaguni as well, who likely belonged to MI6, or might be a French intelligence agent though unlikely to be a CIA asset. I cannot tell either, but he could speak both languages fluently.


He had already stayed at the hotel when I arrived, though my destination was already revealed as I booked it on-line beforehand. My itinerary was easily traced and they had no difficulty to monitor me, as eventually I had nothing to hide. That was one of the reasons why I met so many spies preemptively during my trip.


Having said that, I did not realize his true identity. I saw many spies in my life, though I had almost not realized their true nature, but just thought there were many individuals who had unknown backgrounds.


I often tried to understand who they were by asking many questions, but almost all the spies got to the point of missing careers and managed to switch a subject. I always recognized what they tried to avoid, but not bothered any further by that subject, as it was eventually not my business. That was why I could trace back to confirm they were spies, but not realized in those days.


This European spy thought I was one of them, as he mentioned his job description matching to the field agent, though I had no idea what it was, as I did not realize what the spy usually did.


If I had recognized what it meant, he could have identified I was one of them, and when it was not, he realized I am not a spy. This was one of the ways for the spy to communicate each other when they were in the same side.


This tale indicated that he was absolutely sent to this place, but not realized what his mission was at that time, as his assignment was definitely several, but his handler did not tell to monitor me. As a result, he delivered a spy sign which I did not realize at that time, but have understood already what it meant.


The Japanese police intelligence officer asked about him at several times and he asked me about this police undercover officer, contrarily, implying each of them tried to understand what was behind of me.


Although, both of them eventually were sent by the same group of senior officers who would like to eliminate me with a faked intel. After all, their role was not to monitor me but sent to create a great lie that I was a dangerous figure for the general public.


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