3-98 [Public Security Investigation Agency]: Another Japanese intelligence vehicle sent their agents

Public Security Investigation Agency is another vehicle of the Japanese intelligence, which was also in the Yonaguni island with me, but not confirmed, as I could not discern their agents yet.


They have had a base next to my apartment where I can see their place from the window. There are several officers in and out from that ordinary small room, apparently showing their existence, who are definitely the government officials, but not 100% sure working for which.


In the normal course of their business, they should avoid a revelation or a direct appearance like that, but the monitor against me is known to many people, hence there is no incentive to hide out. They are apparently intelligence officers from the public security investigation agency, but not confirmed as they did not mention as such.


In the police case, there are a plenty of police officers wearing a uniform so that I have accumulated their classification internally, which is why I can often tell them who they are. Just in case, this ability is not special to me, but any felons and police officers can discern who the police officer is.


In any way, there were several individuals who had the same atmosphere as a government officer working for the spy agency. They were not definitely private investigators, but the public servant, coming near to me for a watch.


I talked to one of them for a few hours at the restaurant, who said she came over from Kanazawa. She did not mention a clear reason why visiting this island, though it was weird as she needed to take three different flights to this west end of Japan, costing more than a thousand dollar just for a flight, not an easy destination.


In the most of cases, the spy does not lie that much, as any cracks can uncover the true identity. When she was from Kanazawa, it was less likely she worked as the foreign asset or even the police which can choose a better alternative. On the other hand, Public Security Investigation Agency has had just several offices including a location in Kanazawa, which actually fitted her profile.


Just in case, she or other intelligence officers did not make any illegal operations but just had monitored me during my stay. I saw her at the lunch time and sat next to me during the dinner at the different restaurant, implying it was highly likely set up by asking the owner to arrange as such. It meant there was a trace of the government involvement.


It is normal that any owners support a government investigation if it is really necessary especially to watch a dangerous figure. The issue is at the government to abuse their trust for their illegal operation.


I saw and chatted with her again at the bus from Ishigaki airport to the city center. I did not remember the detail, but she was just a monitor, nothing more than that.


They sent their intelligence officers as travelers because there was no intelligence network in this island. There were just two police officers residing there, who were also availed for my monitor, but definitely did not know why they were deployed as such.


That is why it is quite difficult to run an intelligence mission in the remote island. Furthermore, the number of travelers was also limited as it was off-season, hence it was not so difficult to spot who worked as a government intelligence officer.


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