3-97 [Undercover police officer]: Police intelligence sent one of their men to monitor me

There were more opportunities to talk to others after arriving at Yonaguni, partially because one of my purposes was a diving which naturally provided more time for the interaction.


After I realized I had been watched for a long time, I reassessed who they were and concluded that there were several spies around me in that island. It was one of the moments to realize that I used to live surrounded by the spy.


There was an undercover agent amongst them, who mentioned he was a self-employed taxi driver. He was nearly the same age as me, which was weird as it took a fair amount of time to be eligible to the self-employed license in Japan.


When I confronted him to tell whether it was impossible for him to take it for his age, he was upset what to say, and then, tried to change a subject. I totally realized this guy was spooky, but I had no interest in digging others’ life to stop talking about this matter.


He was actually a police officer covered as a taxi driver. I had no capability to discern who worked for the police at that time, though I had a confidence on my circumstantial memory. I was pretty much sure he was totally like a police officer from several perspectives, indicating he was an undercover agent to monitor me. He was chosen for this job due to diving, which was one of the best ways to come close to me as there were a plenty of time to talk on the boat.


He did not ask me for my personal information, but always asking about the people around me, such as other divers on the boat or travelers at the hotel where I stayed.


That might be his mission in Yonaguni to check the people who I contacted with, as it was what he talked to me during my stay. In the normal intelligence operation, it is often that the officer has a limited information about the subject as it is safer when his identity is revealed to the outside. He knew me apparently beforehand, but he seemed not to know why I had been an intelligence target, which was why his talk was constructed in that way.


He called me on the other day when I flew back to Ishigaki, as I did not go to his recommended bar. I was monitored minutely in that way by the police intelligence. In this course, I was so wondered what they prepared at that place, as it was a critical clue to me what the police could do to the general public.


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