3-49 [Torture causes a mental issue]: Spy leverages your weakness for their operational sake

The noise control is effective to keep a target awaken, who is likely to be exhausted mentally after continuously noised. I have been noised for 24 hours a day for several years and my mental was cracked at some point.


When I was irritated under this circumstance, I would have lost myself easily to the extreme. This emotional explosion can be maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave, which is almost no way to be controlled normally. This explosion is contained by cooling your forehead and back of head, but if not cooled, your irritation might be escalated into an irregular behavior.


The noise can be louder or lower, depending on the environment, but both of them have a significant impact as far as it is recognized as a torture or harassment. If you assume it is sounded intentionally, you cannot stand its noise.


This operation is actually countered by the noise cancel headphone. You can listen to the music to introduce a sleep during the night and just play an instrumental music during the daytime. However, you better be cautious on the loudness as it might hurt your audibility permanently, which is why the noise cancel is superior as it counters an outside noise with a lower volume.


The bug was the next torture I encountered during this course. There were many of them sent to my room, from a harmless bug to the killer hornet. Those noises and bugs are actually quite famous tortures employed by the modern intelligence, as there is no proof of their deliberation. At the same time, it looks quite harmless, but actually, it cracks a mental of the subject.


Those tortures should create an emotional explosion, which is eventually changed to the exhaustion. As said, you can control your temper just cooling your head at front and back.


There are many tortures I have experienced and the carbon dioxide is one of the most critical. It is basically lethal when CO2 density increases in the closed room, though it is hard to be revealed as it is CO2, just similar to a normal suffocation. If it is the case of CO gas, there is a trace of the accident or deliberation, but hard to prove a deliberation for the carbon dioxide case.


This methodology is fatal in nature, but its density is way so high that you pass out at some point. It means this is also usable as a torture to intimidate mentally.


The gaslighting is one of the ways to crack your mental. There should be a concrete proof for this operation, but it is hard to be obtained by the subject. Especially when this methodology is employed by the authority, they can ignore all the evidence, hence it is hard to prove. I have been said that I would be killed for many times, which apparently has an impact on the mental.


There are many other ways to crack your mental state. Their goal is to fall you down for all the tortures and they have developed many methodologies even when you are not under custody. If these tortures are employed at your operation, there is no way out for you, but the spy is also driven to the edge, as there is no way out for the spy once this is revealed to the public.


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