3-50[Torturing electromagnetic wave]: The wave is capable of torturing a target

The electromagnetic wave technology started as a supplement to the spy operation and torture, but it can be used as the main method nowadays. This effectiveness is basically the same as other tortures.


The severest under this operation is a headache and visceral pain. A headache is more or less contained after finding out a methodology to cool the head, though I had been just tortured by the pain when I had no idea how to tackle. On the other hand, I have not found how to stop visceral ache, but it is limited to become extreme for my case, though I realized a fact that there were a plenty of people suffering from the visceral disease created by the electromagnetic wave irradiation.


The electromagnetic wave technology can maneuver your body. This operation has a sizable influence on your life, as your cannot move your body as you want, which must be categorized as a severe torture.


Your emotion is also controlled by the radiowave manipulation, which is one of the harshest operations as well that you are exploded too abnormally. You can be suddenly pissed off or suffer from an unbearable anxiety. This external electromagnetic influence can be contained by cooling your head, but I had been so devastated until finding a way to counter.


The self-harm is an extension of this emotional control, though it can be more physically conducted as your body is also maneuvered by the wave.


When I did not find out a countermeasure, my face was swollen and my arm was bruised in purple all the time for more than a year. As said, this behavior can be restricted by cooling your head, but it was a hell before I realized this way out. I totally realized my emotion and body is under the external control by the wave, but I could not have stopped my self-harm.


This electromagnetic torture is the same as other methodologies that the spy employs to crack a target. Having said that, I have no idea how it goes as this radiowave operation has already been known to lots of people that the same operation cannot be continued for long. There are many other subjects under a severe torture than me, hence there are just two options to take for the intelligence organizations, admitting all of them or killing all of us.


On the other hand, this methodology should be employed even after this is regulated by the government. We should realize the fact that our life will be endangered by this technology in the future as we have been exposed its risk for several decades.


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