3-51 [Secret drugging]: You might be drugged without notice, mixed up with what you take

The drug is as nearly dangerous as the electromagnetic wave, which is usually mixed into the tobacco so that you might not realize you are drugged. I have quitted it as I was nearly killed by a drug overdose mixed into the tobacco.


As a matter of fact, you are prone to be addicted to anything if you are controlled by the electromagnetic wave, not just smoking.


It has already passed for several years since I quitted a tobacco, but I want to smoke still when a vague stress is intensified by the radiowave. Although, I can separate my feeling from my being, hence it is less likely to start again as the spy can easily drug me. Contrarily saying, the spy has their target addicted to it for drugging.


The drug can be actually put into your drink or food. There are various ways to drug a subject, but it is always required for the spy to have their target to take a product mixed with a drug.


All the time when I was drugged, I tried to figure out where I got those, but it was quite hard to narrow it down to the single source. The tobacco is one of the easiest choices, but there are always multiple opportunities to drug me.


The intravenous injection and nasal mucosa are the other main ways to take a drug than the smoking and oral administration, though the former are impossible to be conducted secretively by the spy. It is necessary to confine a subject or to have the target addicted to a drug, the latter of which is an extension of the criminalization.


There are several main effects of drugs, which depends on what kind you are drugged. I have been often drugged by the downer or stimulant, sometimes by the truth drug. Their choice is based on the appropriateness to crack a subject.


The symptom has been so widespread, ranging from falling down to the sleep to not sleeping at all. I had sometimes woken up for two days, not eating anything, which is a result of the stimulant, impossible to be caused just by the electromagnetic wave.


You cannot control your thought and behavior when drugged. The electromagnetic manipulation was added on top of this state, which made you near to the death or drove you abnormally crazy. This drugging suffers your mental that you might accept a rule of the spy in the end, which is a purpose of the torture.


I can manage to stop smoking, but it is nearly impossible to control what I eat, especially when I am out of my home. One day, I realized I was harshly drugged a couple of hours after losing my normal sense and decided to water it out with drinking a lot, but it is not easy to resume myself.


It means there are several ways to avoid drugged, but it is not so difficult for the spy to find out the way to sneak into. They can drug their subject, even if not rendering the target addicted to the drug.


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