3-1 [The next round]: I left Japan to Hong Kong to avoid a further casualty

There were many people killed during the spy and police operation and I thought there were more people dead if I had stayed in Japan further.


It was shocking to me that the financial minister died during the course and there were more people damaged mentally around me, which was one of the triggers to leave Japan in October 2012. Additionally, there was no sign that the police would stop illegal conducts including tortures.


Having said that, I had no clue whether this perception was purely created inside my brain or not. I was apparently manipulated by the electromagnetic wave in those days, implying my conclusion was also controlled by its technology, even though I had never imagined a manipulative methodology like this. If not knowing this capability, we are more affected by the electromagnetic wave.


I had no idea of the radiowave technology, but I had a recognition that my thought was clearly read from the outside. There was one big social event which I cannot mention here, but my thought was read and used for that issue in that September.


When leaving the country, I clearly said that China, the Japanese police intelligence and CIA had the capability to assassinate me. I realized the CIA was involved in this case, but I did not know yet that the mastermind was them at that time.


I myself realized my word was quite weird as it was beyond my understanding, though I was persuaded by my remark that they had the capability. I could not have gotten why I mentioned in that way, though it was highly likely a result of the electromagnetic manipulation.


In any way, I left Japan, which was mainly to find a job outside Japan, as I was convinced there was no place to work in this industry after the financial minister died. Adding to this, it was more likely that more people would be driven to the death, as far as I was living in Japan. It assumed to be the only option that I should leave Japan.


Although, I would like to avoid Hong Kong, as I might have been assassinated when living there again without soon. There is no escape from the assassination attempt and it did not make sense for me to live in the city where there were a plenty of spies waiting a chance to kill me.


However, I should go back to Hong Kong to reconnect myself to the industry. I needed to update myself meeting with lots of people out there for the next step.


I targeted to work in Singapore, as it was the other financial hub in Asia, smaller than Hong Kong, but there were still many opportunities. I believed I would not be killed once I got there if the Singapore government decides to protect me. My feeling was more like an exodus than finding a place to work.


In that way, I thought I could have left away from the Japanese police intelligence, though I did not realize the big picture yet.


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