3-25 [Spy’s basic 4]: Information manipulation has really an influence on the society

The antisociety operation is an extension of the antipersonnel, which has more functionality in the modern world. The information theft is one of the methodologies to obtain an intel, which is reversed to deliver a faked or manipulated information, especially spreading a skewed information of their target.


When the political decision maker is not hired as an asset, the spy cannot control its decision itself, but they might manipulate an information delivered to this person. For example, the intelligence can control an information for the subject to see on the net by directly hacking the PC. Or, they can send their operatives near to their target believing a faked intel.


This operation is advanced with an electromagnetic wave manipulation. The decision can be maneuvered when controlling their emotion and thought, which can be conducted secretively. It is not improbable to recognize a manipulation when knowing the radiowave capability, but it is still not yet public.


The information gathering has another mode to reconstruct a critical intel through the public information. This information flow can be reversed as well, which is a media control. In this case, it is convenient to have an asset in the media, though the spy can maneuver the article to provide useful information to the certain journalist, which is a way to control an information toward the general public.


In the modern world, the net is directly manipulated by the intelligence. The general procedure of your decision starts from reading the news or to searching the information, therefore this procedure can be skewed to yield an outcome favorable to the intelligence purpose.


Those are ranges of the spy operation, which has not been changed for thousands of years. The intelligence is not just meant to gather an information but also conducting those antipersonnel and antisociety operations. Their methodology, on the other hand, has been progressed with the technology advancement, which gives them a chance to run their operation more secretively.


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