3-26 [Spy’s basic 5]: Spy inevitably determines their own agenda improperly in the end

The spy organization can decide their direction by their own in the end as it is bureaucratized. The bureaucratization is meant to rationalize an organization, but it is easily transformed to narrow their organization goal or to create a sectionalism and self-determination.


This organization behavior must be seen at any foundations, which is not unique to the intelligence agency.


However, their self-determination is devastating to the people. As written, the spy can frame their target, which is an antipersonnel operation to instigate the subject to commit a crime or to involve in the traffic accident.


Moreover, they can drive them to commit a suicide or to be assassinated. The intelligence organization has accumulated these skillsets and their self-determination indicates to employ those for their organizational sake. That is why their self-determination is dangerous than any others.


This organizational behavior also appears at each division of the intelligence agency. It is called as a sectionalism in the general term, which creates a fragmented self-determination within the spy organization. Furthermore, they are professional spies, therefore skilled to hide any traces of their manipulation. As a result, there are many dangerous, unnecessary and uncontrolled operations.


The military and police are other organizations whose self-determination is critical to the people and their country. The civilian control is one of the main ways to contain their irregularity, which is why the military follows a rule of the democratic government in many countries.


The spy and police should follow a democratic order under the civilian control because their skillset is dangerous enough for the people to lose a sovereignty over the country. They have a sufficient capability to topple the democracy secretively.


The self-determination of the spy organization is the most dangerous amongst those. The military can execute a coup, but the spy can manipulate the politics secretively for their organizational interest. Their manipulative skillset has been accumulated significantly, hence it should be controlled by the democratic government.


The electromagnetic manipulation adds another peril to the modern society. This technology is based on the synchronization between the brainwave and external ultra-long-wave, which is not just to maneuver a subject, but to assassinate their target.


The antipersonnel operation has been advanced with this technology innovation, which unnoticeably controls the subject more easily and deeply as this radiowave is invisible so that it is hard to be revealed.


This technology is also utilized for a self-determination of the intelligence organization. They have actually assassinated many people and created social disorders, but it is always hard to be perfectly proved. However, if continuing this status, the society and democracy can be more demolished, eventually to lose more freedom from the people.


All the spy skillset should be conducted under the civilian control including this electromagnetic wave manipulation, and moreover, the intelligence should be built into the democracy more than now.


Almost all the intelligence organization have executed harmful operations to their own country and people, which can be escalated if leaving as they currently are. It is inevitable for the spy to determine their own agenda, therefore it is necessary to build a system not on the premise that it cannot occur in the future, but how to contain it once it happens.


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