3-36 [Antipersonnel ops]: It is not so clean as the word “HUMINT” sounds

The intelligence has given the name for each categorical operation, such as HUMINT or SIGINT, though those names are not important but just a result of the sectionalism. When they name an operation, they can create a new range of the intelligence job.


This new section is basically created for obtaining a budget to enhance their authority and facility. It is certainly important to name an operation to go through, though you might be manipulated if your thought is just linked to the name.


Generally speaking, the name includes not just an appearance but also a meaning, hence it reminds an implication always. Contrarily saying, they can control a nuance by selecting an appropriate name.


For example, HUMINT is an abbreviation of the human intelligence, which just sounds like to obtain an information without any operations, too clean. However, the most of intel can be gathered after acquiring their target as an asset. It implies there is an enough probability that the information is gained due to an illegal activity at some point of the time.


The information gathering is always concurrently with the information manipulation, sending a controlled intel in the other direction. This is often used as one of the antisociety operations though included in HUMINT.


This word is well designed as it is just traced back to a clean information gathering, canceling out any illegal operations. However, the reality is that the assetization is a HUMINT, eventually led to the secret information. The assassination is the main of HUMINT, but it is also a way to control the targeted organization or country as a result.


The social elimination might be the first choice, but the spy is not hesitant to murder a subject. Although, the word, HUMINT does not contain that meaning, which is also a result of the spy manipulative operation.


In any way, HUMINT is a process from the assetization to elimination, which is not necessary to gather information, but always to build a basis for further operations. It is more important to create a spy asset network to be availed as soon as required.


This is a true nature of HUMINT, nevertheless this word sounds harmless, which also generates numerous illegal conducts.


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