3-35 [Spy operation detail]: Majority of spy non-fiction is manipulative to favor the spy

I wrote about a general outlook of the spy operation and will proceed to the detail from here. Some of their operation should be categorized as an information gathering, sounding like a super clean, though the majority of the real operations are not like that.


It is important to understand how the spy runs their antipersonnel operation, as you might be a target in one day, as their interest is expanded from the governmental issue to the societal and economical. If you have no idea how they conduct their plot, you might be easily acquired as an asset.


The discussion will start from a methodology of the antipersonnel, then proceeded to the large-scale antisociety operation. I have experienced various spy operations, therefore can cover the majority of the antipersonnel, though my knowledge is not necessarily enough to write about the antisociety. Having said that, I know some of them and understand a basic of their operation.


The coverage of antipersonnel operations is limited to my knowledge, though I am pretty much confident my writing is better than any books concerning the spy operation as I am not a spy, not an asset nor a government officer. I have not got any secret information from the government, hence I have no restriction on my writing.


In this sense, you had better realize the majority of the spy non-fiction is manipulative, to leave out some of the truth. Moreover, the truth is selectively distorted to lead a faked recognition, and furthermore, the total lie is scripted to cover up their own faults. As you know, it is a methodology of the spy.


I am free to write without any restriction, but cannot mention 80-90% of the facts, as their revelation might create a defamation charge. Still, it is worthwhile to know, as this is more detailed than anything.


On the other hand, you will become a subject of the intelligence operation including torture, if writing a truth of the spy. At least, you need a back-up from one of the spy organization, which is why it is hard to know about the real figure of their operation.


I have been tortured for years, hence there is no additional worry. My writing is just a confirmation that I cannot go back to the normal life. This is the reason why I have known a reality of the spy and, as a matter of fact, understood it more than the general agent.


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