3-137 [Brain reading]: My thought was weirdly represented often in front of me

It became my custom to talk to myself, which had continued for a year and a half until then. Actually, I was able to communicate with the spy through the bug that some of my claims were listened and physically expressed in front of me, sometimes.


However, it became irregular that they started to show what I did not mention but what I just thought in my head. My monologue meant to communicate with the police, CIA and other agencies so that I chose the subject to discuss, but they came to show what I did not mention to them.


It actually occurred when I was in Okinawa, which, I thought, was a result of their unique skillset to understand what the subject thought analyzing the behavior, as the representation took some days, not immediately.


After coming to Hokkaido, my thought was weirdly read by the spy, which was represented in front of me, even though it was impossible to capture.


At first, I doubted my mouth was read from the outside, as my mouth was often open in those days. It might be because it was so cold out there, but in any way, my mouth moved often when thinking accordingly, which was assumed to be a cause why my thought was read by the spy.


I tried to stop my mouth movement, but I could not keep it for a long time, and then, I assumed I was drugged by them as it was the case when I was in Hong Kong. My choice was to wear a flu mask, which made it unnecessary to halt my mouth movement.


In those days, I spent quite a long time under doze or delusion, therefore I had decided to wear it during the sleep as well, meaning I wore it 24 hours a day. I did not assume there was a monitoring camera in my room, as it was technically hard to set up, though I paid an extra care because I had no full understanding what the spy can do in the end.


In several days, my top of the ears were split to bleed though I kept it 24 hours a day, as it made me calm down. I had no idea what they wanted at that time to show they could read my brain, but at least, they drove me to the mental verge successfully.


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