3-196 [Police stalking]: Their deeds were escalated to an intimidation from monitor

It was not just private investigators to stalk me nor their network, but many police officers were deployed as well. I had seen patrol cars every day for more than a year even when I walked just for a short distance.


When I was in Hokkaido, I travelled hundreds of miles every day, hence I often saw their cars, but not this often as the gaslighting was still covertly conducted to other police departments, which was separated from their “official” investigation. It meant that the electromagnetic wave operation was segregated from other police conducts in those days.


When the patrol car is deployed, there are more people definitely realizing that the intelligence operation is conducted and many police officers should know what is going on, combined with other information.


That was why the covert operation had been conducted just by the intelligence officer for a long time, and many detectives were just mobilized for the formal investigation. There were more police officers deployed for the operation as the time went as a part of the gaslighting.


It became just a stalking or intimidation, not scouting nor monitor, when mobilizing many officers for the operation. Moreover, my emotion was controlled by the electromagnetic wave and shouted against the patrol car quite often.


Although, they basically ignored me whatever happened, even though they definitely realized they were yelled, which basically implied that they knew who I was.


At one time, I was so angry that I tried to express my discontent to stop the police car and crossed the road just in front of them. They slowed down the car, but still ignored me, which basically implied that they were ordered to run this road and knew why they were sent over there. It also meant that they knew their intelligence division has been torturing for years.


This incident indicates that many police officers knew their deed was wrong, but compelled by the ranking officers to do so.


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