3-31 [Antisociety ops 1]: Antisociety is an extension of antipersonnel, as the society is founded by the people

The society or politics are established by the people, therefore the antisociety operation is an extension of the antipersonnel.


If accumulating a secretive intel of the targeted country, it should be more worthwhile when obtaining from the important person there. The assetization is the main path to take for that purpose, though there are others like a wiretapping, stealing and hacking. They might hire someone near to them as an asset or might send their own spy near to the subject as an undercover.


In any way, the goal is to take a critical intel from the target and its methodology should be chosen as the most suitable from many options. The assetization or undercover are just a result of this consideration, but this relationship is a basis of the antisociety operation.


When you run an operation to have an influence on the society, this information flow should be used otherwise to send it from the spy to the asset. It might be a precise intel or might be a faked one, though it is important to manipulate the target through an information control.


The information is important to understand what is going on, but often, we pay less attention on where it comes from. Therefore, the faked intel can be often trusted or the truth is altered as the slight change is more convincing. The spy can spread an intel which is just favorable to their country, skewing an information outlook.


In this way, a control over the information might have a sizable impact on the decision maker. This information flow is just an opposite to obtain an intel, hence these two operations are each other side of the same spy network.


It means you can spread an intel to control the target if you can obtain an information, not separable. The information gathering is said to be the main function of the intelligence operation, but the antisociety is absolutely one of the main as well.


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