3-32 [Antisociety ops 2]: Antisociety ops can be achieved through a control over important figures

The information control is advanced to a behavior maneuver of the target. The spy basically tries to control their subject through the information manipulation, though it is not necessarily functional as initially planned.


On this failed occasion, the spy usually halts their attempt up to the information control, though they might contain a subject physically, if necessary. The physical control is basically the same as information manipulation to achieve their final goal, though its operation should be more extreme.


There are various options to take, but as a matter of fact, those are exactly the same as an antipersonnel operation of the assetization. It may be a honey trap or may be a cash to buy out the subject.


There are many other options, some of which are categorized as an illegal. It depends on what the spy wants to gain, but they are not hesitant to use an intimidation or torture. In this current world, these illegal methodologies are not allowed, but they have actually employed those on numerous occasions. In any way, the behavior control is more than just an information manipulation.


The oppression is also not necessarily effective, but if they would like to pursue their goal further, they should take an option to render the target harmless; i.e. to eliminate their subject socially or physically. They can expel this individual from the decision making process, which is sometimes one of the ways to achieve their goal.


The physical elimination means an assassination, which is still a common practice. This operation takes place in the developed countries as well, though it is basically not noticed as such, hard to be revealed. Its appearance is more like a death from the suicide, illness or traffic accident, not always a brutal murder.


This type of the assassination is disguised enough to reach its true identity. It is partially because the judicial organization has collaborated with the intelligence, but partially because it is hard to charge as it is an illness or accident. The spy has had an enough skillset not to leave a trace, hence it is hard to find an evidence more than a coincidence.


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