3-33 [Antisociety ops 3]: Electromagnetic wave expands a depth of the antisociety plot

The antisociety operation starts from an information control over the important person of the targeted organization. For example, if the operation is meant to alter a decision of the counterpart government, the spy should target influential politicians and bureaucrats to be framed.


In the modern world, there is a specific methodology to manipulate the subject, which is an electromagnetic wave operation. The original manipulation can be achieved through an information control or compelled by a torture, but this radiowave is apparently beyond its dimension.


The electromagnetic wave can maneuver a subject secretively, which is not just an information control, but the emotion is also manipulated. Moreover, the spy can brainwash their target unnoticeably with this technology.


This methodology had been completely hidden so that there were many politicians unnoticing that they have been manipulated. Although, this functionality was revealed to be known to lots of people, which made this capability sometimes non-functional.


Having said that, this electromagnetic wave manipulation is not known to all of us in the world, as it sounds more like a fantasy. It is rather a paranoia of the person who has a mental issue than the truth.


It is hard to avoid an electromagnetic wave control even if you realize its capacity, but it is nearly impossible to go away from this manipulation if you do not know. A depth of the manipulation depends on the individuality, but definitely, all of us are affected by this function if targeted.


It is quite critical that this methodology is not understood generally. Even though all of the political power centers have realized the radiowave capability, there are others who are influential to the administration but still not accepting this existence. In this case, they are easier targets of this electromagnetic operation, which might affect the government direction.


If this target is not a government but an economic entity or social organization, the outcome is severer as this technology is not known to the general public, implying the decision makers of these organizations have no idea that they are maneuvered. Their direction might be more affected by the administrative political decision.


The electromagnetic operation targets a control over their target, alternative to the traditional methodology in the same direction. Moreover, it is employed to disturb the targeted society, which is an extension of the personal manipulation.


This methodology is still limited, which is just used by tens of the global intelligence organizations, and also, there is a difference of advancement for each of them. Although, this general technological development supports tremendously a spy operation, which is actually employed against their own people and government, to firm up their authority. This technology should be openly restricted sooner rather than later.


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