3-59 [Traffic accident]: Your accident can be framed by the spy

There should be numerous operations to frame traffic accidents, which I have actually experienced many times. I have not fallen totally by the intelligence mission, but those were designed so minutely that I did not realize they were operations.


When looking back the accidents or near accidents, there were traces of the operation, whose authenticities were also confirmed with other operations conducted against me concurrently. Moreover, I knew some of them who were framed by the traffic accident plotted by the spy.


This operation of the traffic accident is also originally meant to acquire the target as an asset. Even if your accident is not prosecutable, there is a possibility that you should pay a considerable compensation. If you get an offer that the intelligence organization should pay for those with an exchange of the assetization, you might accept their proposal as you have no idea of its true nature under a confusion after the accident.


This offer is calculable in a rational way, as the compensation can be compared with the cost of assetization. All of the issues are considerable in a monetary way, hence its final decision should be quite rational as well.


The traffic accident has several outcomes, ranging from a death to a small injury. You might suffer from a disorder, even if you have survived an accident, which might create a social burden in the end. If the outcome is severe, the operation is originally designed to render you harmless, socially or physically.


These accidents can be caused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. It can divert an attention to others during a driving, which used to be conducted physically in the past, placing something intriguing on the road to deprive an attention of driving, but this is easily executed by the wave nowadays.


Moreover, your concentration can be lowered by the electromagnetic wave, which creates a traffic accident while operated during a driving. Or, you might fall down with a seizure while driving, which can be triggered by the wave as well.


Your aggression is escalated by the radiowave to cause a reckless driving. This operation is basically accompanied with a physical manipulation that you are irritated by something physically while driving, which provokes an accident.


Even after I realized I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave, there were tens of operations to involve me with the traffic accident, accompanied with physical plots. There were many people involved in these operations, hence it is likely widely known that the spy has conducted a mission to cause an accident.


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