3-93 [Chinese spy]: They came to Okinawa on the same flight to monitor me

In those days, I lived in Hong Kong to fly over to Okinawa by a direct flight, but there were Chinese spies coming together with me for monitoring. They actually sat in front of me at the local monorail, whom I realized there were travelers from Hong Kong, but not recognized that their true identity.


The Chinese spies told me this exact story from the opposite side, hence I am pretty much sure there were intelligence officers from China. However, they were likely to belong to the Chinese police which also had an intelligence division, as they were in charge of my surveillance at that time.


That means they were officers at the Hong Kong police, and moreover, they looked like a Hong Kong local speaking Cantonese. The Japanese police officially asked a joint instigation against me to the Chinese counterpart, which was why they already set up monitors and bugs, a couple of weeks before my trip to Okinawa.


It also indicates that the Chinese monitor was conducted under a collaboration with the Japanese police intelligence. In both intelligence agencies, there were many corrupted officers, some of those tried to frame me as a criminal. Those Chinese officers sent monitors to watch my behavior in Okinawa.


The Japanese police intelligence had spread a fake intel that I was a danger to the society, which was one of the normal protocol for the intelligence organization, not special for the Japanese spy. However, the Japanese intelligence is one of the police divisions, hence their fake intel can be shared by the other police teams as well, such as an investigation.


The CIA had also spread the same kind of faked intel, some of which were already confirmed. There were many layers of lies which made me quite a dangerous figure, whose intel was also shared by the Chinese intelligence.


As a reality, I assumed the Chinese intelligence should have involved with this whole orchestration more actively, as there were many critical events I experienced in Hong Kong and the mainland China.


There were many spies when I was in Okinawa at that time, but most of them had not realized a true identity of mine, but just monitored me as their intelligence job. It was more likely that they had not realized I was flagged as a terrorist suspect.


They had definitely monitored me, but their stance was more or less vague that they had no idea what to watch over. As a matter of fact, my interaction with them looked like I was contacting to the handler, hence it should have become another faked intel that I was connected to the hidden spy organization.


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