3-61 [Drive to a suicide]: You can be manipulated to commit a suicide by the electromagnetic wave

The social elimination is a primary choice to the intelligence organization, but they are not hesitant to render you harmless physically. It is partially because your credit is so solid that the spy cannot crack it, but they sometimes definitely eliminate you from this world. If they are required to eliminate you quickly, you might be killed by the spy operation.


Having said that, the assassination is not an easy choice in this modern world. It is actually easy to kill you, but the responsibility might be revealed later on with the modern technology. If it is uncovered as the intelligence job, the repercussion might be harsher than the assassination.


The suicide is one of the appropriate choices for the spy operation as a replacement of the assassination. It is basically a result of the free will of this individual, hence it is hard to confirm who is responsible for the death. When a target is driven to the suicide, the spy can avoid a criticism and prosecution.


As you can imagine, it is quite easy to fall a subject down with techniques discussed until here. These methodologies are basically availed for the assetization, but apparently transferable to a physical elimination. If you fall with the past illegal or unethical issue, the spy might rather drive you a suicide than hiring you as an asset.


The suicide can be driven when you assume all the problem can be solved by eliminating yourself. When you are depressed mentally, your brain might be out of the normal function, which is the state that you more likely believe the suicide is the best option.


The electromagnetic wave manipulation is the most efficient methodology for this operation as well. The wave can make you think to disappear from this world, even if not contacting with you directly. Furthermore, you can be manipulated that the suicide is the best way to go away with any problems.


It is necessary that there is a core of the issue in your mind, which is assumed more seriously in your brain by the wave. This core might be your past mistake, but if none, the spy should create it with a physical operation. Then, they manipulate you to assume a suicide is the best option.


The electromagnetic wave can magnify this problem, implying the suicide is created externally as a reality. If the spy would like to kill you really, the issue is highly likely a result of their operation as well.


The core issue might be created by the past issue found out by the spy, but in any way, there is a gap between the problem and outcome, i.e. the suicide. This gap is basically explained by the radiowave manipulation.


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