3-160 [Pass out]: I nearly passed out during the drive

The morning had come and I decided to go back to Abashiri in time of the deadline that I was necessary to give back the car until 2 PM. I was located several hundred miles away at that time and it was enough time to get back.


Although, I started to lose the way again when running through the mountain area, which cost me more hours to reach the destination. Sooner or later, I came near to the deadline when I started to suffer from an unbearable headache.


It began with a normal level, but it became stronger and stronger, and finally, I thought I could not stand anymore within an hour length to the goal.


I thought I should have passed out during the drive, which was definitely their target so that I tried to find a place to rest, but there was no parking place on the winding mountain road. There was even no such a place in the countryside filled with the grain field.


Eventually, I gave up everything and stopped a car at the side, as a headache had nearly deprived my concentration. Then, I passed out immediately when pulling over.


A few hours later, I woke up to call the shop that I was late and ran the last 30-minute drive. My choice should have been correct that I would have created an accident if continuing to the end.


The spies had waited until I was entrapped to cause an accident, and at that time, I had realized that there was a similar type of the accidents created by them. I was a subject of different types of their operations to create a collision, but it also meant that I came to grasp how capable they were to trap the subject.


The real issue was that they conducted many missions to create accidents in Japan, including many killings, which was apparently not acceptable. They could have denied any responsibility if the trap had been a well-designed accident, but it was uncovered for my case as I fully realized their capability and my inability.


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