3-161 [Overdose]: I was nearly killed by the drug covertly administered by the spy

I started to reset my plan after coming back to Abashiri where I started a round in Hokkaido. At this time I still had a faint hope that the operation should have halted sooner rather than later.


There was no reason for my optimism, but I just thought it could have been difficult to conduct an operation more severely, and it could have halted if I had stood all of them. At the same time, I fought with many operatives who eventually made a confession of their past crimes so that I could suck down all of them in the end.


My conclusion was that I would travel more around Hokkaido, partially because there were many placed I had not visited yet and partially because I made up my mind to fight with those spies more through this electromagnetic operation.


There should have been another reason that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence said that they would stop their operation soon. It was just a hoax, but I believed it mainly due to the radiowave manipulation.


As a matter of fact, the Japanese bureaucracy regularly shifts their officers around the start of July, hence it might be possible that the corrupted officers might have been expelled around that time.


Having said that, my physical condition was so devastated that I had decided to stay there for several days. Once settled down, I was craved for smoking which I had quitted for half a month, as they had definitely mixed something into my tobacco, which actually had started when I was in Hong Kong.


I thought the addiction was persistent generally, but as a reality, my crave was created by the electromagnetic wave which could increase a gloomy stress to trigger an obsessive conduct including an addiction. In those days, I still did not understand this functionality and started to smoke again as the body wanted.


A few days later, when I ate the late breakfast and smoked a tobacco afterward, I suddenly suffered from dizziness. I could not stop my coughing as well and started to lose my conscious. I fell prostrate naturally, though my cough became exacerbated in this position.


I felt like the water flowed inversely from the stomach in this posture, which I just drank minutes before. If this had continued, my lung might have filled with the water to die after totally lost my conscious.


Then, I changed my posture to lie on the bed back, which was assumed to stop the reflux and I lost my conscious immediately after.


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