3-159 [30-hour drive]: I was drugged a hallucinogen to become tireless

I had traveled a long distance since driving in Hokkaido, which was not just I was often lost, but my next destination became further, several hundred miles away, frequently.


I became tired as natural after a long-range drive, though I felt I should reach my fixed destination once decided. After all, I spent more time for the rest to maintain my concentration, as the CIA and Japanese police intelligence often set up a trap to cause an accident, which was more probable when I was too tired.


Although, when they doped me with a hallucinogenic drug, I was tireless to drive for long. At first, I did not realize that I was drugged, but many hours later, the drug became less effective for me to notice that the spy doped me.


One day, the drug was especially destructive that I had driven a car continuously for 30 hours. The only one gas stop was the longest on that day, and I ate a burger just once in the car, buying at the drive-through.


This was a symptom of the hallucinogenic drug, which cannot be created just by the electromagnetic wave. The radiowave can create a sleepless but it is a result of proactive waking-up, meaning you feel sleepy as usual. Moreover, you feel hungry easily by the wave, but never felt filled as it was not just created by the chemical change in your body system.


I did not smoke in those days so that I believed I was forced to take it orally, but I had no idea where to be drugged, which was hard to narrow down to the single cause from the several possibilities.


In any way, 30-hour drive meant a travel of more than a thousand miles, partially because I lost the way quite often to go back to Abashiri as I needed to get back my rented car.


There was originally an enough time to spend a night somewhere, but I was so manipulated by the electromagnetic wave and talked to them for a long time. Eventually, I lost a chance to find a place to stay and just drove back and forth in those areas.


In the end, I came to see a visual hallucination that I saw a dead body on the road delusively, and then, I speeded down more as there was a possibility that I could not tell the reality from the delusion.


I saw many delusion on that day, but it was also a result of the electromagnetic wave as well. I did not see a visual hallucination just under the drug, but the delusion became more real, which was originally created by the wave.


In any way, I was so controlled to drive a car for 30 hours, not to realize what I was doing.


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