3-38 [Escalation]: Sting operation basically starts from a legal conduct escalated into an illegal

You might assume you are not entrapped by the spy operation so easily, but their methodology is quite sophisticated. If you do not understand their plot, you might be easily framed by their manipulation.


Almost all the crime is escalated from a minor to major, or more precisely saying, the initial non-illegal conduct is progressed into the illegal action in the end. The intelligence plot is along with this path to start with a legitimate behavior advanced to the criminal act.


For example, the insider trading framing does not begin with an insider information. They provide a legitimate idea to yield a nice return at first to create a trust, and then, it is escalated into a minor insider information. If it is just a minor, you might feel it is just an extension of the legitimate trading insight. However, there is a line between the legal and illegal for this case, from the judicial point of view.


Once you get into the illegal realm, you are likely to go deeper in the insider trading world. At some point, the intelligence should confront you a reality to choose either an assetization or confinement behind the bar.


In this case, you must decline at the time when it is transferred to the illegal conduct, which is the only place to halt this escalation. The crime is a crime, which does not matter whether it is heavier or lighter. The depth certainly has an influence on the amount of punishment and there is a possibility of non-prosecution, but you can be eliminated from your current environment even for the lighter case. Your only option is to prevent an escalation before getting into the illegal behavior.


This prevention holds true to any criminal activities. Even if you are induced to commit a crime by your friend, you should stay within the legal area, ignoring your relationship with this individual. There is definitely a line of the legal and illegal and you will be protected as far as keeping clean from the legal point of view.


If your friend is an undercover, this spy tries hard to involve you in the illegal activity with a psychological weakness. After all, you better recognize that this kind of relationship is unnecessary, irrelevant to whether this person is a spy or not.


In this world, there are many cases hard to tell either legal or illegal, but you better be cautious beforehand. Even if you do not consult with the legal profession, you at least understand the basic law related to your job.


We usually do not care what is legal and what is not when living a normal life, which means we easily conduct an illegal activity when we think its action is along with our personal code. That is why the spy searches for the past crime and usually finds it, and moreover, they can create it even if none. In this course, the spy avails an escalation to frame a subject easily from a minor breach.


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