3-101 [Other watchers]: Many unknown subjects probably had monitored me

There were several unknown individuals I saw in the Yonaguni island, one of those mentioned he was a teacher at the university. He looked at me in the suspicious eyes to seek something wrong with me.


I have known the spy had that kind of eyes, though I had no idea whether he was an asset or not. There was another possibility that he was told by the police that I was a criminal, i.e. working as a collaborator, though he should have been sent to that place, not meeting accidently, if that had been the case.


That degree of cooperation defines his real identity, but I did not have further information to confirm it. The fact was that I talked merrily at that place and he kept silent to listen to our conversation. His behavior was not normal, which I realized at the spot as well.


I saw a group of three men who looked like police officers, but at least not ones working in that island. I saw all the local police officers until then so that they should have been intelligence officers from the Okinawa main island if they had worked for the police.


There was another possibility that they were local government officials or assembly members, as they looked like figures working at the public service. They were actually there to listen to our conversation as they looked at us quite often.


I had a dinner with the European spy at that night and they entered a restaurant later on. That might be a setup to show this European spy was no harm, but in any way, the whole was preemptive to show up something.


When involved in the spy operation, I was caught by the paranoia as well that everything was set up. It was quite hard to differentiate which was preemptive and which was accidental, but always, something was a truth and the others were not.


There were few other people who came close to me in a weird way, which looked like a spy, but harder to confirm who they were. There were many unknowns, but they were basically harmless at that time.


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